Xbox Global Publishing rumour claims a big partnership is being worked on

Xbox Global Publishing could have a big new partnership in the works according to a new rumour.

The claim comes from Windows Central reporter Jez Corden, as you can see in the tweet below. It’s interesting to note the emote that Corden uses at the very end of the tweet, which some think could point to Sega or Ubisoft potentially joining the Xbox Global Publishing lineup.

Don’t count out Xbox Global Publishing either. 👀Some really interesting partnerships in the works. 🌀April 7, 2021

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Let’s start with why some consider this to be a reference to Sega. As noted by Inverse (opens in new tab), there have been persistent rumors of an acquisition of the Sonic studio for quite some time, which were even dispelled by Xbox ahead of last year’s Tokyo Game Show. Corden’s tweet above uses a symbol that also bears a resemblance to the Dreamcast logo as well. 

Now onto Ubisoft. You might recall that at the very end of last year and into early January 2021, rumors were circulating that Ubisoft games could be coming to Xbox Game Pass in the near future. Corden actually jumped into this conversation in early January, adding that the rumors were likely true based on what he had heard. We’re now into April though, and the rumors haven’t materialized into any Ubisoft games joining Xbox’s subscription service. Furthermore, those rumors would also concern Game Pass, not the Global Publishing arm of Xbox. 

Still, don’t count out Ubisoft working with Xbox on Game Pass just yet. This wouldn’t exactly be out of the question, with EA Play having joined the console version of Xbox Game Pass last year in 2020, and the PC version of the service earlier this year. 

In turn, plenty of rumors surrounding Xbox Game Pass have been circulating over the last few weeks. A new report claims that six Square Enix games are being added to the service relatively soon, while the unannounced Battlefield 6 could apparently be launching through the service later this year. As ever, we’ll need to wait for official confirmation on this one, even if Corden’s tweet has poured more fuel on the rumor fire. 

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