Are the Outriders servers down? Heres how to check

A launch rush took the Outriders servers down, and ever since then players have been dealing with intermittent downtime in the new looter shooter from People Can Fly.

Right now (April 30), there are multiple reports on social media suggesting that the Outriders servers have gone down. According to the server status website, however, that’s not the case – instead, players are being kicked from games to install a significant new patch (opens in new tab) that dropped with minimal warning this morning. For more information on that, you can head to the Outriders website or check out our Outriders patch notes, but as soon as you’ve installed the update, you should be able to get straight back into game. 

Outriders servers down – how to see their current status

To find out the latest information on the Outriders servers straight from the developers maintaining them, point your browser to the official site’s status page (opens in new tab). It will show you whether the game itself and the Square Enix Membership service are online, and if you click the box next to Outriders you’ll also be able to see the current status of both the game’s core components and its multiplayer.

The page is also handy for checking in on the latest info for ongoing issues; currently it includes links for pages which explain the issues that Outriders is currently facing with disconnects for PC to console cross-play sessions.

Our Outriders review has pronounced it “fun, foul-mouthed, and rough around the edges”

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