Watch BioShock Infinites voice actors at work in Irrationals latest Making-Of video

The last time we heard from BioShock Infinite voice actors Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper, they were chatting with series creator Ken Levine about the nuances of playing the game’s leading roles. In part two of Irrational Games’ ‘People Behind Booker and Elizabeth’ video series, we find out how BioShock Infinite’s dialogue came together from a mix of strong writing, insightful direction, and somewhat awkward recording sessions.

Caution: the following contains strong language and scenes of (professional) verbal abuse:

Other than the fact this looks like a BioShock game, there’s very little else besides the name that suggests BioShock Infinite is in any way connected to the previous releases. For one, it is set in the airy city of Columbia in 1912, and follows an ex-Pinkerton agent who is attempting to quell a civil war while protecting a young woman who has a bad habit of tearing gigantic holes in the fabric of space and time. Ok, so there are the whole ‘civil war’ and ‘adoptive daughter’ themes, yet Irrational is playing coy about its Rapture lineage.

BioShock Infinite is being developed for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC for release in 2012.

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