Report: Next Xbox codenamed Loop

The Xbox 360 is coming up on its sixth North American Anniversary on November 21, making it two years older than the original 2001 Xbox was when it was replaced with something shinier and newer. Naturally, this means many are starting to openly question when and how the Xbox 360 will be replaced, and according to the reputable MS Nerd blog, Microsoft has already cemented the specs for a console it is calling the “Loop”.

“With a heady mix of rumors, tips and speculation, I am now stating that Xbox codename ‘loop’ (the erstwhile XboxTV) will indeed debut a modified Win9 core,” wrote the MS Nerd in a recent post, further stating, “It will use a Zune HD-like hardware platform—a ‘main’ processor with multiple dedicated assistive cores for graphics, AI, physics, sound, networking, encryption and sensors.”

The Nerd added the new console will be smaller and sell for less than the Xbox 360, making it ideal for “Kinect adaptation”. No launch dates were predicted, but given MS Nerd’s information, odds are Microsoft won’t be ready to reveal the “loop” and/or its final name anytime soon.

Xbox 720 has been the de facto nickname for Microsoft’s next console, but something along the lines of “Loop” feels a little less silly than a name that essentially says: “we’re going to go full circle…again [guitar riff]”. Then again, we’ve seen some logo mockups linking the o’s in Loop together, creating an infinite pattern that essentially says the same thing. What do you think about the alleged name? Is the Xbox 360 even in need of a replacement yet?

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