Making your own Yarny may require stabbing him through the heart

Want more Yarny after watching him defy death for fifty minutes of yule log action (opens in new tab)? Unravel still isn’t coming out until February 9, but you can start platforming around with its adorably crafty protagonist early by making your very own Yarny. And there’s no one better suited to show you the proper wire bending and yarn wrapping technique than the creative director of Unravel – and, more importantly, the original creator of Yarny – Martin Sahlin.

You can find more in-depth instructions at Unravel’s official website (opens in new tab). Here’s a quick pro-tip: you’ll want to use armature wire if possible, since it’s extra pliable and less likely to snap. The original Yarny was actually built with wire stripped from an old anchor cable though, so I imagine just about anything would work if you really put your back into it. Just don’t use copper wire, or else he might end up getting scavenged to make light fixtures in Fallout 4 (opens in new tab).

If you want the full Yarny effect, you should also leave some spare yarn around so you can tie it back in as a safe substitute for a loose end. That’s what he’ll use to swing across gaps, lasso apples, and reunite estranged friends (opens in new tab), naturally.

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