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The sort-of Alien prequel will not be watered down to appeal to a wider audience, report Total Film . Despite the fact that a PG-13 rating might mean bigger box office takings, Fox has left the decision in the hands of director Ridley Scott. It’s probably a good idea to remain true to formula because fans of the Alien movies will be expecting the movie to recapture the feeling of dark, claustrophobic terror that the original evoked. Ridley has already confirmed that there will be a scene to rival the iconic chest-burster scene of the first Alien so anything less than an R seems unlikely at this point. (By the way, there’s loads about Prometheus in the next issue of SFX , due on Wednesday.) UPDATE! This Sunday (29 April) during the penultimate episode of Homeland on Channel 4, the world exclusive of Ridley Scott’s new Prometheus trailer will air in the first ad break. That’s around 9.10pm UK time, viewers.

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The movie adaptation of Mark Helprin’s novel Winter’s Tale could star Colin Farrell in the leading role, says Coming Soon . Other actors already signed on to the project are Jessica Brown Findlay, Russell Crowe and Will Smith. The 1983 novel is set in an alternate New York at the turn of the last century. Against the backdrop of an industrial, gang-plagued Big Apple the novel’s protagonist is protected along throughout his adventure by mysterious guardian forces.

According to Sherlock Holmes leading man, Benedict Cumberbatch, he scored his role in the upcoming Star Trek sequel by emailing his audition to JJ Abrams on an iPhone. The Escapist reports it was Christmas time when Cumberbatch was asked by the movie’s director to audition for the part, but given the holiday season, he was unable to find a professional to record it for him. That was when he asked a friend to record it on his phone for him. Abrams was so impressed with the audition that it only took him a couple of days to give the British actor the role. Hollywood stardom? There’s an app for that. (Sorry couldn’t resist.)

Tom Rothman, co-chairman of Fox, has confirmed that a sequel to the 2011 Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes reboot will start filming later this year. Read Coming Soon’s story here . Details about the movie are so scant at the moment it is not even known whether Rupert Wyatt, director of the first movie, will be returning though he had expressed interest in the project.

Valve is set to release Portal 2: Perpetual Testing Initiative , says The Escapist . For those fans of the game that found the currently available Source Developers Kit completely mind-boggling, this free DLC (to be released on 8 May) should help the less technically minded unleash their imaginations on the Portal universe. Users can then post their level designs online via the Steam Workshop where gamers can vote on them. So warm up that Handheld Portal Device and start thinking outside of the box. The reward for the best level is cake. Okay, the cake is a lie.

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