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Trials is back in a big way with Evolution, and with twice the amount gamerscore to dish out than in its previous incarnation. These collectibles (or creepy-ass squirrels) are mostly hidden in creative ways. You’ll have lots of fun unlocking the first few, then you’ll start to relish the challenge, then eventually your pets will start cowering in fear as you scream in frustration over the last few. Well, we documented our own struggles for all to see in the hopes that you might have an easier time. Below you’ll find videos (5 squirrels per), screens, and text detailing how to find each and every squirrel. Good luck!

PSA: Do not take your Trials-induced frustration out on any real-life squirrels.

Squirrels #1-5

Above: Squirrels 1-5

Squirrel #1 (D License Test)

This one is tough to miss. Just wait a moment after crossing the finish line and the squirrel (among many other things) will drop down on you.

Squirrel #2 (Fuel for the Flames: Sunset Stripped)

As soon as the race begins, reverse into the fence. This will set off a small firework in front of you, and drop a secret ramp near the halfway point of the race. Proceed without crashing or using a checkpoint, and you’ll shoot up this secret ramp to find your squirrel.

Squirrel #3 (Fuel for the Flames: Strike)

Just after the second checkpoint, there will be a short gap to jump across. You’ll want to fall down here instead, making sure you’re coming out of some kind of improvised flip when you hit street level (or you’ll crash). Drive through the door and up the loop ramps to reach the squirrel.

Squirrel #4 (Fuel for the Flames: Cliff Jumper)

Right near the start of the race, instead of leaping from the rocky ramp, hit the brakes hard and just barely drop down. You want to land so that you can roll backwards down the slope seen below.

Squirrel #5 (Terminal Velocity: Rock Steady)

Just like squirrel #1, simply get to the end of this race and wait until the squirrel unlocks.

Squirrels #6-10

Above: Squirrels 6-10

Squirrel #6 (Terminal Velocity: Sewage Plant)

As soon as you hit the fifth checkpoint (just after the three consecutive pipes), return to it. Reverse to the very top of the wooden ramp behind you, hit the gas, and lean forward. Just as you are launching from the ramp in front of you, bailout with Y. If you’ve timed it correctly, you’ll land in a secret room containing a squirrel. If you’re having trouble getting enough speed or getting the timing just right with the Scorpion, wait until you unlock the Phoenix, which has the fastest acceleration in the game.

Squirrel #7 (Terminal Velocity: Suspense)

As soon as you get to the pendulum, stop. Do not continue forward onto the next ramp you see. Instead, wait for the platform to swing back, then just before it reaches to top of its rightward swing hit the gas and launch up into a secret area. See the video for the exact timing.

Squirrel #8 (Terminal Velocity: Titan Graveyard)

Just after you fly through the cages, you’ll fall from a long pier onto a stone path below (which also contains a checkpoint). Instead of continuing off the ramp ahead, reverse, drop down, and continue reversing until you get your squirrel.

Squirrel #9 (Terminal Velocity: Meltdown)

At the start of the race, reverse into the flames. Now on fire, you need to complete the race without any faults or stopping long enough to explode. Don’t be too concerned with going for gold here— just get to the end!

Squirrel #10 (Collateral Damage: Archipelago)

You only need to do five of any kind of flip without faulting and a squirrel will appear on the back of your bike. These flips can be done at any time during the level, and do not necessarily have to be carried out in the same psychotic manner as you see in the video (we were feeling extra masochistic during our recording session).

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