Being Human “The Graveyard Shift” Spoiler-Free Preview

It’s time for our latest teasing preview of the next episode of Being Human. No plot spoilers (unless you’re pretty good at guessing)

1. It’s an extremely funny episode, with a magnificent performance in a guest-star role (see above).

2. Someone gets topless.

3. Annie commits daylight robbery.

4. Hal’s lack of interest sends him to hell.

5. Do you remember the first time? Annie does…

6. Bettie Page makes a cameo appearance.

7. Prepare to hear the worst chat-up line you’ve ever heard.

8. And we’ve never seen a weirder sex scene…

9. Hal gets red on him after an ambush.

10. A magazine is treated with utter contempt. Not SFX, though (phew).

11. The cloak of the reaper blocks the sun – but noone’s impressed.

12. A household appliance proves useful in the aftermath of battle.

13. Someone passes through from the other side.

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