Time travel. Giant robots. 80s movies. Super-exciting Joe Danger sequel sounds like bottled childhood

In fact it sounds like every big silly thing you’ve ever thought awesome in your life, combined with – to paraphrase Hello – every film you%26rsquo;ve ever loved as a kid, cut together into some crazy montage.Read on,andI will relay more details, and no doubt flap excitedly throughout.

Joe Danger: The Movie, as is currently the working title of the game, came about as all good ideas do, by way of abunch of happy geeks happily geeking out around each other. According to Hello’s Managing Director, Sean Murray:

“It all came about when we were helping Ryan (our resident film nut) move house. He had this huge collection of VHS, everything from his childhood, Robocop, Neverending Story, Conan, Short Circuit%26hellip; everything. He was throwing them out, it was tragic, so we stayed up all night just watching them one after another. In between quoting every line we just started coming up with these game ideas.

“At the end of Joe Danger, he has become a success, and this one starts with him being discovered by a Hollywood director. Which is really just an excuse for us to take every film you%26rsquo;ve ever loved as a kid, cut them together into some crazy montage, and basically that%26rsquo;s the script for our game”

Above: No screens of the new one yet, but here’s a lovely pic from the original Joe while we wait

Sounds like we’re definitely not just talking about stunt-biking any more then… Says Sean:

“It%26rsquo;s kind of a sequel to Joe Danger, but it%26rsquo;s also something entirely new. I guess I would say that the entire gameplay experience of Joe Danger on PSN, would be just one short scene in this ‘film’.

“If you liked Joe Danger, then I think it%26rsquo;s going to rock your world. Even if you didn%26rsquo;t like it though, this is different enough that we might just win you over. That%26rsquo;s the idea, but like I say who knows, no one but us has seen it yet.”

How different is it? You might not be able to read them in the image at the top of the page, but having scoured the credits on the high-res version of that there Joe Danger: The Movie poster, I’ve found references to time travel, dinosaurs, giant robots, tea, lots of explosions, yet more giant robots, and smiley faces EVERYWHERE,

All of which, as Conan the Barbarian would tell you if he was being honest, is in fact what is best in life.

As for no-one having seen the game, that will be dealt with soon as well. Because Hello Games are currently loading up a van and getting ready to head over to Gamecom in Cologne, where Joe Danger: The movie will get a full reveal.

Expect more next week, folks. Excitement cannons on standby.

August 12, 2011

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