David Yates to direct The Stand

Laurel and Hardy, Bogey and Bacall, Pacino and De Niro… all can be considered great Hollywood double acts, but none have quite the money-spinning pedigree of David Yates and Steve Kloves.

Having teamed up to record-breaking effect on the last three Harry Potter films, the pair are now set to tackle another weighty tome in the form of Stephen King’s The Stand .

Warner Bros are keen to see the horror maestro’s apocalyptic epic turned into a multi-film franchise, and are currently in talks with Yates and Kloves to take over as director and screenwriter respectively.

Clocking in at a whopping 1,472 pages in paperback form, The Stand is one of King’s most ambitious novels. It tells the story of a global disaster involving the accidental release of a flu-like virus that leaves the human population utterly decimated. In the barren wreckage of what was once America, various survivors make their way painstakingly to the few remaining cities offering shelter.

It’s interesting to see Warner pressing ahead with this one, especially since they had been expected to pick up another King adaptation, The Dark Tower , after the project’s collapse at Universal.

That said, The Stand would offer a more manageable proposition (given that it’s one book, rather than seven) and would still fit multi-film hole left by the departing Potter.

Source: HitFix

Are Kloves and Yates a good fit for The Stand ? Let us know below.

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