SFX Issue 209

Celebrate the Summer Of Superheroes with the new issue of SFX, on sale now

This month SFX stands for truth, the Justice League and the Captain American way. Yep, it’s the Summer Of Superheroes, which is a bit like the summer of love, only with fewer kaftans and Jesus sandals and more masks and muscles. Though the 3D might be similar to watching Yellow Submarine after knocking back a few too many magic mushrooms.

And here’s some of the stonking superhero superbness we have in store for you:

Green Lantern

“We had what we called a cheese-meter”

Interviews with director Martin Campbell and stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

X-Men: First Class

“It’s very different to its predecessor. It’s got a different style and tone”

Interviews with star James McAvoy and producer Lauren Shuler-Donner

Captain America

“I’ve had whiplash and a bruised rib, so yes, I’ve been in the wars a bit”

Interview with female lead Hayley Atwell

The Dark Knight Rises

“A league of shadows return looks like a real possibility”

A round-up of everything we know so far

Doctor Strange

“I was attached – so that surely killed it”

Director Alex Cox on the Marvel Movie you didn’t see

The Worst Ever Comic Book Adaptations

“Say what you like about the X-movies, but in the end it’s all about the hair.”

The Couch Potato crew sit through some crummy superhero flicks

But it’s not just about the capes! Also in this issue of SFX :

DOCTOR WHO Karen Gillan and Neil Gaiman interviews

PSYCHOVILLE Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith on the return of the twisted sitcom

TEEN WOLF Producer Jeff Davis on MTV’s wolf diaries

SMALLVILLE Cassidy Freeman on playing Tess Mercer

TROMA Shlock filmmaker extraordinaire reveals his guide to making B-movies

CHINA MIEVILLE the coolest SF author around, interviewed

And loads, loads more, plus all the usual regular features and review

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