This Persona 5 Skull Funko is actually awesome and stupid cheap

‘Tis the season of Amazon Prime Day gaming deals, and one of the most compulsively buyable items to spin out of the whirlwind of sales is this Skull Funko Pop! from Persona 5 (opens in new tab). As someone who actively dislikes Funko Pops (and most commercial products that include an exclamation point in their name) I’m normally strongly opposed to recommending them. But this little Ryuji Sakamoto is so damn simultaneously adorable and cool looking – even with his giant, distended head and disproportionate features – that I can’t help but crave. 

Of course, the fact that it’s $7 also makes it super easy to pull the trigger, especially if you’ve got someone on your gift list that loves anime/Persona/awesome looking, niche Funkos. Even people that have no earthly idea what Shin Megami Tensei means will likely be captivated by this bad ass chibi blonde with his gunmetal skull mask and shreddin’ biker togs. 

There are also a couple of other Persona 5 Pops out there at the moment if you feel like the protagonist is too mainstream. There’s this killer Mona (opens in new tab) for the standard $10, and this barely SFW Panther (opens in new tab) at the same price. 

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Skull from Persona 5 Funko Pop! | $7 (save $4) (opens in new tab)
Easily the best looking Funko I’ve ever seen at a price that makes it extremely difficult not to add-to-cart. This is a limited time deal, so grab it now.

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