Fortnite Konami Code: How to play the Fortnite black hole mini game

If you’ve tried to check out the game recently, you’ll know that strange things are currently afoot and you may have even heard that there’s a Fortnite Konami Code you can use to access a hidden mini game, so we’re here to tell you what you need to know. Ahead of Fortnite Season 11 (opens in new tab) starting, the entire game has collapsed into a void, which is occasionally spitting out Fortnite black hole numbers (opens in new tab) that have a hidden meaning. Other than that, there’s nothing going on with this holding screen – unless you enter the Fortnite Konami Code, that is, so here’s how to do that and start playing again.

How to enter the Fortnite Konami Code for the black hole mini game

Fortnite Konami Code mini game

(Image credit: Epic Games)

While you’re on the black hole screen, enter the following Fortnite Konami Code using your d-pad to get started:

PS4: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X, Options.
XBO/PC: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.
Switch: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, +.

This will bring up a Space Invaders style Fortnite mini game, where you move a slice of pizza with the left stick and fire with X/A to shoot down Durrr Burger heads. Occasionally a Durrr Burger boss appears, firing pineapples at your pizza slice, so keep hitting it until it’s destroyed.

Fortnite Konami Code mini game

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Your high score is displayed at the top of the screen, and you’ll need to achieve more than 92,786 points to displace Peely from the peak of the leaderboard. However, beating this score doesn’t seem to do anything, and you actually have unlimited lives so there isn’t much of a challenge to this Fortnite black hole mini game. Still, at least it gives everyone something to do while we wait for the next season to start in earnest!

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