Resident Evil 6 for PC releases March 22

Resident Evil 6 will bioweaponize North American PCs on March 22, 2013. The download-exclusive version of the game will include all previously released title updates, as well as full Steam integration with cloud saves, achievements, and leaderboards, Capcom announced today on its Unity blog.

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players, meanwhile, will find a title update for their games as of today which changes a whole bunch of stuff including an additional camera setting, a new difficulty mode, and making Ada Wong’s campaign (with co-op!) unlocked from the start.

Evil residents can expect even more changes come January 22, when Capcom will release another title update–this one will add an option to automatically complete most of the games frequent quick-time events, stage selection within chapters, and tweaks to Agent Hunt mode.

Whether you liked Resident Evil 6 or not, Capcom is clearly taking its post-release life cycle seriously.

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