This indie blends roguelike dungeon-crawling with Tetris puzzles

Blocky Dungeon is a neat dungeon crawler meshing in Tetris for something deliciously new.

Yesterday, May 30, developer SquareAnon took to Twitter to unveil their latest project, called Blocky Dungeon. This new indie game meshes up the Tetris-like puzzle mechanics of placing blocks in sequences, with the rogue-like aspects of dungeon-crawling and uncovering new areas to explore as you go.

Blocky Dungeon, my puzzle-roguelike game, will appear in the #Steam Next Fest with a brand new demo! In the mean time, you can wishlist it here:!#tetris #roguelike #madewithunity #indie #gamedev 30, 2022

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Your role in this new game is basically to build the dungeon as you go, and guide your player character wherever you’d like them to go in the surrounding environment. There might be a chest you’re dying to reach, for example, so you’ll need to find the correct dungeon building pieces and link them together to get your hero over there.

“Defeat enemies, clear lines and collect loot. Explore the different dungeons, complete quests and try to survive as long as you can!” the game’s Steam description reads. Speaking of, you can head over to Blocky Dungeon’s Steam store page (opens in new tab) right now to wishlist the game and let developer SquareAnon know you’re eagerly awaiting it. 

Right now, there’s no scheduled launch date for Blocky Dungeon, with the game’s Steam page release date showing a “When it’s ready” message. However, SquareAnon is actually putting the game forward as part of the Steam Next Fest, which kicks off shortly on June 13, where you’ll be able to get your hands on a limited demo of Blocky Dungeon.

Speaking of Steam, production on the Steam Deck is still ramping up, and was expected to be in the “hundreds of thousands” as of last month in April.

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