The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds empty bottle locations guide

If you’ve read our Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds review, you know there are lots of items to find and collect. One of the handiest is the Empty Bottle. With this, you can hold a Fairy or carry a Potion; this will extend your life and give you more time to explore the lands of Hyrule and Lorule.

There are five Empty Bottles to find across the game. Follow along to find them all!

Bottle #1: Kakariko Village

Your first Empty Bottle is in Kakariko Village. Near the middle of town is merchant selling one for 100 Rupees. Pay the fee, and it’s yours!

Bottle #2: Lake Hylia

With the Zora’s Flippers in your possession, head to Lake Hylia. Swim along the river to in the northeast to reach the bridge to Hyrule Castle. Move underneath to find a hidden area where the Bird Lover resides. Tell him you like birds, then tell him you want nothing. He’ll then give you another Empty Bottle.

Bottle #3: Lake Hylia, Kakariko Village, Death Mountain

Back to Lake Hylia for this one. Follow the channels on the eastern side of the lake to discover a Letter in a Bottle. Read it to learn about someone stranded on Death Mountain who just wants a drink from the Milk Bar.

The next step is to head to Kakariko Village. You’ll find the Milk Bar in the southern portion of town. Speak to the owner inside to receive Premium Milk.

Now we need to head up Death Mountain, but be sure to rent the Hookshot from Ravio first. Starting from the Tower of Hera, head east. Cross the broken bridge with the Hookshot, then move past the fire-breathing enemies into the first cave you see.

This is the true core of Death Mountain. Carefully drop down the moving blocks to the central platform, where two more enemies await. Merge around the wall to the south to find another moving block. Ride it, and follow the series of blocks until you a left and right one to choose from. Ride the left block to reach a cave exit on a ledge outside. Merge across the small gap here to reach the Bouldering Guy, who left the initial Message in a Bottle. Give him the Premium Milk, and he’ll give back the Empty Bottle after drinking its contents.

Bottle #4: House

Head to the Vacant House in Lorule; it’s where you would normally find Link’s House in Hyrule. Head around back and place a Bomb against the rear wall. This reveals a hard-to-see hidden entrance to the house. Head inside to find a chest containing another Empty Bottle.

Bottle #5: Bomb Flower Shop

For the final Empty Bottle, head to the Bomb Flower Shop south of Kakariko Village. Use the Bomb Flower here to destroy the massive rock behind the shop, then head inside to discover a special Fairy Fountain. At this fountain, the fairy asks for Rupee donations. Donate 3,000 Rupees total, and she’ll reward you with the final Empty Bottle.

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