Tetris Effect: Connected cross-platform and free upgrade in July

Tetris Effect owners will be getting a free upgrade to Tetris Effect: Connected this July, alongside cross-play for all platforms. 

On the PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab), it was confirmed that the fan favorite Tetris Effect is getting the free update which should bring all versions of the game in line with each other. At no extra cost, players will get access to the expansion, which is focused on co-op and competitive Tetris matches. 

The exact date when the update will arrive hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we do know that it’s set to arrive in late July. Expect to hear more in the coming weeks, as there isn’t a lot of runway left to announce it. 

This is all to prepare the game for cross-play, which will come alongside the update. This will allow players on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox to play against one another no matter where they play. The process will work by lobbies getting a ‘Room ID’ which can then be shared with friends. It’s also noted that you will be able to hide the code if you are streaming or want to stop others from joining uninvited.

However, for those not wanting to play, they can still be part of the experience. There is also a spectator mode which will allow 4-6 spectators (depending on the mode).

If you want a slight headstart, the new update and the cross-platform multiplayer are going to have a beta test this month too. The post says that “all owners of the current version of Tetris Effect will be able to download a beta version of Tetris Effect: Connected for free. Come help us get the kinks and bugs all worked out, starting on June 23, 8pm PDT / June 24, 3am UTC / June 24, 12pm JST.”

The beta test will run until July 5, 11:59pm PDT. 

It’s great that players will be able to finally play together, as the game is all about bringing people together through Tetris. Tetris Effect has become fairly beloved by fans, not just for bringing a new Tetris game to players, but for its audio and visual presentation. It’s a really unique package and a must for any Tetris fan out there. 

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