These Mass Effect miniatures are the smallest (and best) in the galaxy

Because we need something to tide us over until we get more information on Mass Effect Andromeda. (opens in new tab) Miniatures artist Caroline Rae (opens in new tab) has created a series of perfect tiny Mass Effect characters barely bigger than coins and they’re ridiculously cute. Utterly painstakingly recreated – Rae says on her blog it took 41 minutes to craft Shepard’s calf – the models are made out of a variety of materials including clay and copper fuse wire.

Rae even crafts them on top of a cork, Borrower-style, to keep them in one place. Resting on a base made from a Coke can, Shepard, Legion, Mordin and Joker are just perfect in their tiny forms. Take a look at the gallery above and see more images and build info on Rae’s blog here (opens in new tab).

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