The Walking Dead Cherokee Rose TV Review

It’s well scary

“Cherokee Rose”

Writer: Evan Reilly
Director: Billy Gierhart

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THE ONE WHERE There’s a zombie down a well, Lori’s up the duff, and Glenn and Maggie have it off.

VERDICT Another beautifully played episode, but one which doesn’t move things on as much as it could. The whole episode with the well seems like an unnecessary diversion, and lowering Glenn in to lasso the trapped zombie is a monumentally stupid plan. Still, it gives Greg Nicotero the opportunity to work his magic, and the results are memorably grotesque – that’s gotta be the nastiest beastie in a well since Ring . The chief delight of this episode, though, is the budding relationship between Glenn and Maggie: the contrast between his rather pathetic attempts to chat her up (“I’m a loner, y’know…”) and her no-nonsense approach is extremely amusing.

NITPICKS When Glenn is pulled out of the well, it’s extremely obvious at times that they’re tugging on a slack rope. Also, Maggie and Glenn seem incredibly casual about their little shopping expedition. A pharmacy means people, which should mean zombies, but they don’t encounter any – or even seem to consider it a possibility. They’re so casual in fact, that they shag right there in the store! Now that’s unsafe sex.

SISTERS ARE DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES It’s good to see Andrea finally getting some weapons training (she becomes a real sharp-shooter in the comic). Finally the show has a female character who won’t be relegated to washing and cooking.

SPECULATION What the hell does that “22” charm Shane’s suddenly wearing around his neck signify? His favourite football player? The atomic number of titanium?

BEST LINE Maggie to Glenn: “I hear you’re fast on your feet and know how to get in and out.” (Fnarr)

Ian Berriman

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The Walking Dead airs in the UK on FX, at 10.00pm on Friday nights.

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