Logitech G Pro X wireless review: “Wireless premium audio at a high price tag”

You’ll remember the Logitech Pro X gaming headset, but cord-cutters out there can rejoice in the new wireless version. Building on the foundations of the original wired model, the latest release offers up the same high-quality experience with the convenience of a wire-free setup; but is it one of the best gaming headsets (opens in new tab) going right now?

Overall, there’s plenty to celebrate here: from a smooth, sophisticated design, comfortable snug fit, to a wide selection of EQ options available on PC. With a $70 price increase to go wire-free, however, the new release might not offer the most value for money considering the features and performance are largely the same for both headsets. 

If, however, you’re looking for a wireless headset with suave brushed-steel aesthetics, and some excellent audio tuning options, the Logitech Pro X wireless offers a well-priced choice. 


The Logitech G Pro X wireless headset is robust; it can certainly take a fall or bump, or two, or both. The thick headband, tightly clamped cups, and spongy memory foam pads are certainly sturdy in design, but alleviate the pressure of a typically heavier set through their snug fit. 

That means there’s very little pressure anywhere around the steel-reinforced headband, and the attention paid to the comfort of the cups is obvious when, after a session of about four hours, there was no painful clipping of the ear. Not only does that mean a comfortable experience, but such a snug fit makes for impressive passive noise isolation as well. Note, however, that the tightness of the band does mean you won’t be pulling these headphones down to sit around your neck any time soon. 

Logitech G Pro x wireless review

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A simple black and metallic silver visual look sits as well on a gaming desk as it does a home office, while also allowing you to save that precious battery life for audio rather than flashy RGB effects. These are the latest in a long line of more understated Logitech headsets (opens in new tab), and you’ll feel the quality oozing out of this build. 

Of course, those shopping the earlier models will see that the design hasn’t changed, really. It does, however, simply look even better without a cable awkwardly poking out the side. Even if you’re not after the convenience of a wireless connection, the enhanced look of these understated headphones may sway you to cut the cord. 


We tested the Logitech Pro X wireless on PC and PS4 and the results on both are very favorable. It could be argued, however, that the Pro X wireless hasn’t really been built for the console crowd so is unlikely to truly be one of the best PS4 headsets (opens in new tab) going 

The Logitech G Hub app only works on PC, naturally, but unlocks a whole roster of EQ settings, audio controls, and, crucially, DTS Headphone:X 2.0 surround 3D audio. That means if you’re looking to keep these as your go-to PlayStation-headset you might be missing out on the best it can offer. However, if you’re mainly shopping for PC, there’s a healthy selection of customizable settings awaiting your fingertips. 

This software doesn’t hold your hand through the best presets for achieving a certain effect, so you’ll have to experiment with putting emphasis on different sounds for each game. However, everything makes sense, and overall the G-Hub offers up an easily navigable suite of controls. Plus, if you don’t want to spend hours fiddling with settings before you launch a new game, the baseline soundscape still keeps up with a massive selection of audio requirements.

Logitech G Pro X wireless review

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While you won’t necessarily need to fiddle with the audio settings to enjoy the sound of the Logitech Pro X wireless, the same can’t be said for the mic. There’s plenty of tech packed in here, with Blue VO!CE integrated into the headset for some excellent results – with some tuning. Straight out the box, the mic felt a little tinny, with a flat output overall. However, diving into the customizable options pays off, with a professional sounding, well-rounded output after some tinkering.

The 2.4GHz wireless connection goes through a USB dongle that can be attached to your PC, PS4, or docked Nintendo Switch. This facilitates a lightning-fast audio transfer with incredibly low latency, even on the Nintendo Switch side of things. 

Hard controls on the cans are limited to volume and simple switches for mic muting and power. Things aren’t overloaded, and the volume scroll placement is easily within quick reach – though you won’t find a stopper to tell you when you’re at max volume which can prove annoying. 

There’s some incredible audio coming out of the headset, courtesy of 50mm precision drivers and an all-in-one package of Lightspeed connectivity and DTS surround. Taken together, that all works to create a decent ‘out of the box’ experience, expandable using the G-Hub software. That’s pretty impressive, though there are no major feature boosts (other than wireless connectivity) to justify the extra $70 in this newer model. 


Diving straight into Doom on standard settings, audio is generally well-rounded and powerful. We’d like a little more bass on some of the heavier moments, but the soundscape feels incredibly open overall which more than makes up for a slightly flatter lower range. Plus, these duller moments were easily fixed for Gears 5 with the G-Hub on PC. 

Taking things out on the open world, Horizon Zero Dawn offered up a cacophony of sounds all the way through the range, and the Pro X managed to bring them all to the fore with surprising accuracy and tonal depth, exactly when needed. 

Considering this result was produced on PS4, without the aid of the G-Hub’s fine-tuning, we were left pretty impressed with the soundscape on offer. The connection is also quick and super low in latency, and the performance was comparable to an excellent wired experience in both power and range. 

Was the jump in audio performance as big as the price demands? No, and if you’re not fussed about being tethered to your system then we’d absolutely send you in the direction of the cheaper set. That said, there’s a good 20-hour battery life here, with faultless wireless performance that you just don’t find on cheaper headsets. 

The Pro X is also perfect if you want a set of headphones you’ll be able to listen to music on when not playing games. Running through some Elliot Smith, the intricacies of Figure 8’s chaotic soundscape are perfectly replicated and play freely in an open, clear system. However, with the lack of 3.5mm, your standard connection options are a little limited. 

Logitech G Pro X wireless review

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Overall – should you buy it? 

The Logitech Pro X wireless will set you back $200 / £190. That’s a price point that puts them firmly in a premium range. With precision 3D audio that offers clear spatial positioning, a high base quality of audio easily configured for different soundscapes, and a solid microphone experience (albeit one that needs a little work to make it truly shine), there’s plenty of high-end features to make this a contender for best PC headset for gaming (opens in new tab) and good bang for your buck. However, you’ll find all of that tech present in the $129.99 wired release as well. 

That means you’re paying an extra $70 pretty much just for wireless capabilities, and while a super low latency and easy USB dongle connection make these particularly strong wireless capabilities, it might not be worth it if you’re looking for the best value for money. Add limited external 3.5mm connections and you’re paying extra and making a few sacrifices to pick up a wire-free setup. 

If you’re interested in other brand-specific headsets then check out our guides on Razer headsets (opens in new tab), Turtle Beach headsets (opens in new tab), and Sennheiser gaming headsets (opens in new tab).

The Verdict


3.5 out of 5

Logitech G Pro X Wireless gaming headset

A high quality wireless headset with well-balanced audio, plenty of customization opportunities, precision surround sound, and premium wireless performance. However, the wired version may offer far better value for money.

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