Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen launches new studio and Kickstarter campaign

It’s an exciting time for point-and-click adventure game fans, especially when industry veterans are leveraging Kickstarter as a model to create new games. Creator of the Gabriel Knight series and co-designer of King’s Quest VI, Jane Jensen has founded a new studio, Pinkerton Road, with husband/composer Robert Holmes and is looking to the community for support.

Using a business model that is described as “community support gaming,” this subscription model is designed to build a close community relationship via the development and delivery of their games.

“I’ve wanted to return to adventure game development for years, and now is exactly the right time. The casual game market is ready for meatier fare and the hardcore audience is nostalgic for games like these. Plus, tablet use is exploding, which gives us access to a brand new audience of e-book readers — an ideal target for story-based games,” says Jane. “Forming Pinkerton Road means retaining control of my ideas and ensuring my games’ quality all the way through development. At this point in my career, this level of involvement is very important to me, and I know it will enable me to get my best work out to my fans.”

Project backers will have the option to vote for which game Pinkerton Road gets to make first. During the studio’s first year, it aims to develop three games and backers will receive access to the games, video updates and the ability to participate in beta tests and offer feedback.

The Pinkerton Road 2012-2013 CSG Kickstarter campaign will run through May 19.

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