The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Water Temple walkthrough

Ah yes, this thing. While the 3DS version may add a few things to lessen the evil that is the Water Temple, the N64 / GC / Virtual Console versions are as murky and misleading as ever. The basic premise is to lower and raise the water level by playing Zelda’s Lullaby at one of three specified locations. Some areas can only be accessed with the water at max height, others with it in the middle and other still only when the water is at its lowest point. Not a bad idea for a puzzle-based dungeon, but the sheer amount of equipping and un-equipping the Iron Boots (obtained in the Ice Cave in the frozen Zora’s Fountain) sucks all the fun out of it.

Get: Longshot, Gold Skulltulas x4, Heart Container

This is without a doubt the most arduous and sluggish dungeon in the game. It’s honestly not too difficult, just slow and tedious. Pay attention and keep a mental map of where everything is and you should be OK. Use the video for further assistance.

Above: Look for these placards on each level of the temple; play Zelda’s Lullaby to raise and lower the water. The 3DS version has yellow, blue and red trails that lead to these placards

Above: With the water at level two, use an arrow to flip the eye switch, then the Longshot to pull yourself through the gate before it shuts

Above: Halfway through you’ll face Dark Link. Locking on doesn’t work, so you’ll need to slash away while running in and out of his path. Din’s Fire is also an option

Fighting Morpha: Use the Longshot to pull the cell outside of the water form, then slash away. Keep your distance when it rises out of the water, as Morpha will toss you across the room. Also make sure there’s room around you for the cell to land – it’s possible to pull it out of the form, then drop it back into the water.

Once this madness is complete, leave the temple and visit the island with a large tree. Wait for the sun to rise and fire an arrow into the sun as it pass through the pillars in the distance to obtain the Fire Arrows. Then it’s off to Kakariko Village, where you’ll find the city in ruins…

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