The Last of Us 2 fan discovers perfect sniping spot hiding in plain sight

A The Last of Us 2 fan has discovered the perfect sniping spot hidden in plain sight in the Flooded City portion of the game. 

As shared on Reddit (opens in new tab), one user shared an image of the derailed monorail with the caption “I had no idea until my 3rd or 4th playthrough you could enter the toppled train for the sniper point.” Thanks to a video posted to the YouTube channel I.Eat.Games. (opens in new tab) We get to see exactly what players can find up there if they manage to spot it in time. 

Located in Ellie’s Seattle Day 3, players will be able to find the deserted monorail after investigating the warehouse whilst Ellie navigates the city in her speed boat. If you get close to the monorail, you’ll see what looks to be the right way to go as well as a small turn-off on the left which will lead you closer to the monorail. Once you approach the small island below it, Ellie can hop out of the boat and climb up the train. 

About halfway up Ellie will find a rope that can be thrown out the door of the monorail and then used to swing Ellie into the next carriage. Once in the next area, that’s when players will find a bunch of supplies lying around as well as a sniper rifle and a note from the dead WLF soldier also found in the carriage. From here you’ll also have a clean shot of the enemies based in the building across town. 

It’s seriously impressive that over a year after its release, The Last of Us 2 fans are still finding hidden locations and references that are usually hiding in plain sight. Just recently another fan discovered a huge wall mural located in Ellie and Joel’s Jackson base which is a clear reference to a moment in the first game. Not only this but another fan also realized that Ellie’s love of dinosaurs goes way back to the first game’s DLC. 

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