The Last of Us 2 fan discovers it wont let you shoot a PS3

A The Last of Us 2 fan has discovered that the game won’t let you shoot the PS3.

Over the past weekend, the clip depicted just below emerged on the official subreddit for The Last of Us 2. In the clip, the player demonstrates that, in the early few hours of the game, the game itself prevents the player from shooting the PS3 in the library area while playing as Ellie. After shooting all around the console itself with a rifle, the player tries to destroy the console with a bullet, only to be stopped from pulling the trigger by the game.

This particular clip comes during the opening segments of The Last of Us 2. Don’t worry, we’re not spoiling the events of the game itself here, but during the first few hours of Naughty Dog’s sequel, Ellie and Dina will come across a library while taking shelter from an incoming snowstorm. It’s here that you can find a PlayStation 3 set up in the library area.

It’s interesting that Naughty Dog doesn’t allow the player to shoot the PlayStation 3 in The Last of Us 2. The game is incredibly detailed and intricate with its animations and destruction systems, so it’s undoubtedly a deliberate attempt from the developer to protect the Sony console itself, rather than an oversight or error on the developer’s part.

Then again, Naughty Dog protecting the PS3 makes perfect sense, sort of. From the developer’s perspective, you probably wouldn’t want the player to be able to shoot and destroy the PS3, a widely beloved Sony/PlayStation creation, and then go posting said clip of the destruction on social media for the world to see. Naughty Dog wants to protect their PS3, even in a post-apocalyptic world world largely devoid of electricity, and we can get behind that.

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