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Hitman: Sniper challenge guide

The Hitman: Absolution Sniper Challenge DLC is a Chicago rooftop sniping mission that allows you to unlock items for use in the full game when it releases this November. To get the special upgrades you’ll need to beat the scores set for each item. To get the scores needed you‘ll …

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Sniper Elite V2 achievement guide

Think you have the chops to be a sniper of the elite variety? Earning these achievements and trophies is a good way to show it! Many of the achievements and trophies found are dependent on your ability to perform some fancy shooting, as well as taking out enemies in crafty …

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Tera beginners guide

Amid the summer MMO releases, Tera presents a unique angle that makes it worth checking out: action combat. This simple change makes a world of difference in a genre still wrapped in archaic trappings. While Tera does employ some traditional MMO mechanics, there’s a lot hidden under the hood that …

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