Pokemon Go Gible Community Day will give you chance to get a Shiny Gible

Niantic has released all the details for Pokemon Go Gible Community Day, which kicks off June 6. 

First, we’ve got a start time: Gible Community Day will start on Sunday, June 6 at 11am local time and will run until 5pm local time. During Gible Community Day you’ll get a chance to catch the rare Land Shark Pokemon, with an opportunity to catch its Shiny form, too. You’ll also be able to encounter Gible in snapshots. 

Partake in the special day and you can get an exclusive move for Garchomp (Gible’s final form) called Gabite, which is an attack Earth Power. Players who log onto Pokemon Go during Gible Community Day can enjoy 3x Catch XP, and a longer-lasting incense – activate it and it’ll lure Pokemon for three hours.

A $1 Special Research story called ‘Just a Nibble’ will be available for purchase, as well as a special Community Day Box. Here’s what’s in the Gible Community Day Box:

  • 1,280 PokeCoins
  • 50 Ultra balls
  • Five Incense
  • Five Lukcy Eggs
  • One Elite charged TM

Niantic announced Pokemon Go Gible Community Day earlier in the month to much fanfare – as many players have been asking for this day for some time. Gible is notoriously difficult to get, as he’s extremely hard to find in the wild, and is usually only obtained by hatching a 10km egg. Now, however, it’ll be a lot easier to find the baby shark in the wild.

For the complete Pokemon Go Gible Community Day details, head here (opens in new tab)

Ahead of the June 6 Pokemon Go Gible Community Day, check out our Pokemon Go tips. 

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