Super limited Space Marines novella available tomorrow

Just seven days to order your signed, numbered copy of Mephiston: Lord of Death

Here at SFX we’re intrigued by the ingenuity that publishers put into their books. With so much choice of reading matter, especially with the continuing rise of ebooks, how does a new book stand out and deliver something extra for fans?

Here’s something that answers that question for Warhammer 40,000 fans: a super-limited edition of the first novella in the Space Marines series , written by David Annandale and every copy signed personally by the author.

Every copy? Yup, and Mephiston: Lord of Death looks the part too – it comes in a red leather-effect slip case and comes with a bonus short story called “Eclipse Of Hope” and artwork postcard. The catch? You only have seven days to buy it. This exclusive edition, signed, numbered and made to order, is only available to buy online between 25 January and 1 February.

The hardback book is 128 pages long and tells the story of Mephiston – Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels, known as Master of the Black Rage and Lord of Death…

But deep within Mephiston’s tortured heart lurks another, the spectre of who he used to be before his death and rebirth on the war-torn world of Armageddon. As Mephiston leads the Blood Angels into battle in the Pallavon system against the might of mankind’s archenemy, he must grapple with his inner daemons as well as those around him, as the ghost of Brother Calistarius, the man he once was, returns to haunt him.

Phew. It’s only on sale from the Black Library website and as long as you order in those seven days you will get a copy, but there is no other way to get it! Visit from this Friday.

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