Rumor: God of War 4 coming in 2012

The newest issue of the UK game magazine PSM3 reports that God of War 4 is in development and slated for release in 2012. “PSM3 has heard from another source that God of War 4 is coming, and will hit in September 2012,” reports the mag.

While the story of Kratos seemingly ended in God of War 3, Sony Santa Monica, the studio that made all three of the previous console GoW games, has stated in the past that the series will continue.

So what kind of game will God of War 4 be? Sony’s been quiet for the past year, but they’ve dropped a few hints. Online play was suggested at by a job ad on Gamasutra for Sony Santa Monica seeking a senior online programmer. Despite the fact that the ad mentioned the God of War series though, it’s stillpossible that GoW 4 may be single-player only. In March of last year, a SCEA rep toldMTV (opens in new tab)that the studio was working on two seperate projects. It’s possible one is an online game and the other a GoW title. In April GoW 3 director Stig Asmussen toldGamePro (opens in new tab), “If I were to bring Kratos back, I know exactly how I would want to do it. But I can’t tell you. I know exactly how I would do it, and it’s not anything you’d expect, guaranteed.”

With these details in mind the PSM3 rumor seems to be on solid ground, but the details of the next game are still unknown.

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Apr 21, 2011

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