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Super Graphic book review .

Subtitled A Visual Guide To The Comic Book Universe , this book is a delight – and you don’t have to be a comics fanatic to get something out of it.

Each spread features graphs detailing either fictional or non-fictional scenarios, and the diversity and wealth of information on display is astonishing. On the more populous fictional side you get things like “How Long Characters Stayed Dead”, detailing the temporary deaths of everyone from Aunt May to Elektra, and “70 Years Of Wonder Woman’s Legs”, mapping how much flesh Diana Prince has shown through the decades.

On the non-fiction side there’s everything from “Stan Lee Has Issues”, which logs how many issues of particular comic books The Man has written (Millie The Model wins!), to the self-explanatory “Marvel And DC’s Price History”.

Super Graphic

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Super Graphic

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Expect a wide array of content: Tintin, The Walking Dead , Peanuts , Spy vs Spy and manga all make an appearance alongside the DC and Marvel biggies.

The graphs are colourful and imaginative and can be pored over for ages. Super Graphic is simply perfect for that coffee table – right next to your comic books, of course.

Russell Lewin

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