Squid Game heads to Roblox as players recreate the show’s deadly game

Netflix show Squid Game has infiltrated Roblox as players recreate many of the show’s sets and games. 

Fans of the Korean drama Squid Game – which was released worldwide on Netflix this month – have begun recreating its deadly games in Roblox, with many being based on the first of six games in the show Green Light Red Light, which sees several players attempt to reach a finish line without being spotted by a giant robotic doll. 

According to IGN (opens in new tab), several of these Squid Game remakes have begun popping up on the Popular page of the game with many also featuring names such as “Fish Game” or “Hexa Game.” You can always tell that they are referencing the hit Netflix series however as they usually require all players to wear the signature blue jumpsuit or are set in the sinister playgrounds or bunk location in the show. 

For those unaware, Squid Game is a horror series that sees hundreds of players desperate for money taking part in a series of survival games, with the aim of lasting longer than all of the other contestants and walking away with millions. Each of the games is an incredibly tense version of children’s playground games such as marbles and tug of war and usually result in a large portion of the contestants being killed off for losing. 

It’s no surprise that this series has started appearing in other games, as Forbes (opens in new tab) reports, it is on track to become the streaming service’s most popular show ever. Following the likes of Stranger Things and The Witcher. After the popularity of Parasite in 2020, it’s nice to see that Korean satires about the toxic nature of certain societal structures are still as popular as ever worldwide. 

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