The Sims 3 World Adventures Al Simhara guide

Are you ready to walk like an Egyptian? In this Al Simhara guide, you’ll discover the dastardly secrets of a mysterious corporation, explore the famous pyramids, and maybe even meet a mummy or two while raising your Egypt Visa to level three and making a small fortune in treasure.

Al Simhara, Egypt, is the medium-priced destination in The Sims 3: World Adventures, and offers its own unique recipes, skills, and items. Like the other areas, you can get new missions by checking the adventure board at base camp, or waiting for Sims to call you. Before you get started, make sure you have enough dried food and showers in a can. While you may want to get the Axe of Pangu in China first (see our Shang Simla guide), it’s not required to complete any of these missions.

Business Abroad

MorcuCorp is looking for three relics. Check in with Sanaa Madbouli for more information. She’s left some important papers in the Tomb of Discovery. Find it on the map and head over; it’s right behind your base camp.

Tomb of Discovery

Enter and go down the stairs. Grab the Ancient Coins in the center of the room, and open the chest to find a crescent keystone. Use it in the door on the other side of the room and go through. Stand on the foot panel and a staircase will appear in front of you; descend. Stand on the panel here and the door in front of you will unlock. Go through, and pull the statue onto the panel in the middle of the room. Enter the unlocked door to find another room with statues, though only the one in the center can be moved. Pull it onto the panel next to it, and then step on the foot panel that’s revealed. Go through the newly unlocked door.

The papers you need are in the glowing chest; loot it. Then go through the newly revealed secret door for more treasure. Back out and go up the stairs. Check out the treasure chest and step on the panel to unlock the door, then make your way out of the tomb and deliver the briefing to Sanaa Madbouli.

She tells you to report in to Rainia Badawi. Rainia wants four pieces of turquoise; find them on the map, collect them, and turn them in to Rainia. Next she wants you to talk to three Sims about MorcuCorp. If you have any friends or acquaintances in Egypt, start with them; you’ll need to be somewhat friendly with Sims before you can ask them. You’ll find out that the locals are not huge fans of MorcuCorp. After doing this, return to Rainia.

She gives you the key to the Tomb of the Burning Sands and tasks you with finding the flame fruits within.

Tomb of the Burning Sands

Find the pyramid on your map and inspect the wall to gain entry. You’ll see the glowing slot for your keystone immediately; use it and enter the unlocked door.

Ignore the dive pool and walk through the narrow hallway, disarming the trap along the way. Clear the rubble for some treasure, and explore the dive pool in this room to unlock the door. Go through and stand on the foot panel to unveil a secret door leading back out; this will make it quicker to backtrack later. Go down the stairs.

Harvest the flame fruit at the bottom of the stairs. You need five pieces; if not enough have grown yet, inspect the wall opposite the stairs to find a secret door, and head through. Loot the treasure chest and go back to the statues; push the middle one onto the fire trap to disable it. Walk through the path here, grabbing the Ancient Coins along the way, and repeat the process with the next set of statues. After disabling the trap, clear the rubble on the left for some treasure, and step on the panel to trigger another backtracking shortcut. Then head the opposite way and dive through the pool.

There are several active fire traps here, but they can be disabled by pushing a statue onto them. Disable them with the one movable statue to access the other pushable statue. Push one onto the panel in the middle of the room, and another panel will appear; push or pull the other statue until that one is triggered. Stand on the panel that appears to unlock the door in front of you. Before going through, inspect the left wall for a secret door. Dive into the well in the secret room to unlock another secret door, then loot the room behind that. Go back and through the unlocked door.

There are hidden doors on either side of this large room. Start with the left one, disarming the floor trap in the room behind it. Ignore the dive well; if you’ve already done the Pangu’s Axe adventure in China, you can smash the boulder here for a treasure chest. Grab the treasure you can and go back to the large room. There’s plenty of flame fruit in this room, so take all you want, as well as looting the treasure. You should now have enough flame fruit to report back. Then inspect the right wall and go through the other hidden door.

Disarm the wall trap and inspect the hole in the wall to disable the active fire trap. Swim through the tunnel and when you come out, step on the panel. Loot the chest in the room in front of you, and go back and step on the new panel; repeat the process, and go through the other unlocked door for another treasure chest. Go up the stairs and down the hall. Step on the foot panel to open a door in front of you; continue going forward to find yourself back at the entrance. Deliver the flame fruit.

The next step is to ask Raffi Barakat about an ancient book, so go talk to him. You’ll find out that there’s a secret ancient library in one of the homes in town, but you’ll need to find the owners to gain access. The library is in the Madbouli house, which you can find on your map; visit the household and befriend the owner to make yourself welcome.

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