Secret Avengers villains revealed through tie-in toys?


Tie-in toys for Marvel’s The Avengers may have revealed one of the big, villainous threats our heroes will face in the upcoming epic.

Anyone with a dislike of spoilers or spurious, toy-based evidence should run along now. Go.

Gone? Right then, we’ll continue. Toy lines (or candy lines for that matter – we’re glaring at you PEZ ) can often reveal a secretive element of a movie before the filmmakers are ready to unveil the surprise.

MTV Geek have gone and spotted some tie-in toys at Jakks Pacific’s Toy Fair 2012 that seem to confirm the presence of alien threat, the Skrulls.

The pink figurines, which you can see below, are part of an Avengers boardgame, so they’re certainly not hard evidence that the Skrulls will actually appear in the film.

So, do you think those things we saw falling from the sky in The Avengers Super Bowl trailer were Skrulls?

Or could they (and these little pink guys) be more closely related to Thor ‘s Frost Giants?

There’s only a couple of months left to speculate, as The Avengers opens in the UK on 27 April 2012. Eek!

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