DC launches new digital-first Sensational Wonder Woman series that will also be made available in print

DC will launch a new Sensational Wonder Woman weekly digital-first series on Wednesday, January 6, in what the publisher is calling a celebration of the character’s 80th anniversary. 

Sensational Wonder Woman #1

Sensational Wonder Woman #1 cover by Yasmine Putri (Image credit: DC)

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And despite the above image, she probably isn’t dead.

Wonder Woman was created by American psychologist/writer William Moulton Marston and debuted in 1941’s All-Star Comics #8. Interestingly, her first feature series that serves as the titular inspiration for Sensational Wonder Woman – Sensation Comics #1 – didn’t debut until 1942.

Sensational Wonder Woman will begin as DC’s current digital-first series Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace ends a week before, but a key difference in the rebranded series seems to be that Sensational Wonder Woman will be offered in print form to comic book stores beginning March 21, whereas DC has never announced any plans to offer a print version of Agent of Peace. 

The refreshed series also launches just after Warner Bros.’s Wonder Woman: 1984 opens in theaters and debuts on HBO Max on Christmas Day in the U.S. 

Featuring “a combination of fan-favorite storytellers and trailblazing new writers and artists,” what DC calls a “reader-friendly, high action series” promises to tell “dynamic, standalone stories that are free of continuity, giving hardcore fans even more Wonder Woman action to love and new fans a fun starting point to enjoy stories and provide a gateway to discovering more about Princess Diana.”

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The first story arc will be written by new Harley Quinn monthly series writer Stephanie Phillips, along with Agent of Peace artist Meghan Hetrick and colorist Marissa Louise, and it pits Wonder Woman against Doctor Psycho.  

“During a battle with the villain, Wonder Woman sacrifices herself to stop him, the impact from his psychic blast trapping her in an alternate reality,” reads DC’s description. “With the help of guest-star Hawkgirl, Diana must remember who she is before it’s too late.”

Future story arcs promise team-ups and face-offs with familiar Wonder Woman characters like Cheetah, Steve Trevor, Hippolyta, Wonder Girl, and others. 

Future creative contributors include writer/artist Colleen Doran, Alyssa Wong, Eleonora Carlini, Mirka Andolfo, Corinna Bechko, and more.

The digital version of Sensational Wonder Woman #1 features a cover by Yasmine Putri. The print version will also include a variant cover by EJIKURE.

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