Ridley Scott slams “boring” superhero movies in new interview

Sir Ridley Scott? Not a fan of superhero movies, it seems. The Alien director has fired both barrels at the ubiquitous, spandex-clad genre in a new interview with Deadline (opens in new tab).

“They’re fucking boring as shit,” Scott said, clearly not mincing his words. “Their scripts are not any fucking good. I think I’ve done three great scripted superhero movies. One would be Alien with Sigourney Weaver. One would be Gladiator, and one would be [Blade Runner],” he continued.

But Ridley is perhaps less keen on what he observes as the current trend of weak stories being held up by special effects – something which he also describes as “boring.”

“So, why don’t the superhero movies have better stories?” Ridley pondered. “They’re mostly saved by special effects, and that’s becoming boring for everyone who works with special effects, if you’ve got the money.”

Away from the superhero arena, Scott has revealed that work is progressing on a Gladiator sequel.

“It’s already been written. We have a good footprint, a good, logical place to go. You can’t just do another Gladiator type movie…. There’s enough components from the first one to pick up the ball and continue it,” Scott revealed of the follow-up to the 2000 epic, starring Russell Crowe.

Scott’s latest movie, House of Gucci, is set to release on November 24 in the US and November 26 in the UK. The legendary director is also set to helm Kitbag. Based on the rise to power of Napoleon Bonaparte, Joaquin Phoenix is set to play the French ruler, while Jodie Comer will star alongside Phoenix as Josephine Bonaparte.

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