Resistance: Burning Skies trailer is equal parts story, gameplay and alien-gore

Sony’s just released a new story trailer for Resistance: Burning Skies, Nihilistic Software’s Vita-bound addition to the popular alt-history FPS series. The trailer’s narrated from the POV of the game’s protagonist, Staten Island firefighter Tom Riley, single-handedly fighting off the Chimera Invasion with a variety of increasingly non-standard-issue weaponry – as you’ll see when things pass the halfway mark.

Due on May 29, Resistance: Burning Skies makes up for the PSP installment’s lack of dual-analog with Vita-centric controls. These include not just a right thumbstick, but touchscreen controls for actions such as auxiliary weapons. Check our Resistance: Burning Skies Vita preview – axe murdering across the Washington Bridge (opens in new tab) for a look at how the new controls fare in the field…

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