Tell the truth in Dying Light 2 Cheers or make a deal with Marco?

In the Dying Light 2 Cheers quest, you’ll have to decide if you’re going to make a deal with Marco and let Julian take the fall or tell the people of the Bazaar the truth and save Julian. While your decision regarding Marco’s proposal won’t have world-shaking consequences, it will add a little flavor and let you make a small mark on the Dying Light 2 world. Here are the choices and consequences for Marco’s deal during the Cheers side quest in Dying Light 2.

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Agree to the deal or tell the truth in Cheers!

Dying Light 2 cheers side quest marco deal or truth choice

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During the early stages of the game, you’ll have to complete the ‘Cheers!’ side quest as part of the Dying Light 2 Meet the People of the Bazaar objective. It serves as a sort of intro to side quests and sees you trying to investigate whether a Bazaar vendor called Julian poisoned the water he’s been selling after someone died. 

It turns out, Marco, Julian’s water supplier, had his water poisoned when a zombie fell into one of his bathtubs. Marco explains that he left some of the contaminated water unattended to teach some water-thieving bandits a lesson, but it ended up making its way to the Bazaar, therefore leading to Julian being accused of selling poisoned water. After explaining the situation, Marco will propose a deal: he’ll offer you flour and some extra rewards if you don’t tell the Bazaar the truth about the water. Now, you have the choice to either agree to the deal or tell on Marco.

Agree to Marco’s deal

Dying Light 2 cheers side quest julian being accused

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Choosing to say, “Fine.”, and agreeing to Marco’s deal ends the side quest on the spot and Marco gives you some rewards – these might vary but we got 2250 Combat XP, 750 Parkour XP, five flour, and 250 money – you can then sell this flour to a vendor as a valuable to get even more money, which is one of our Dying Light 2 tips. You might be thinking you can play both sides and quickly run to the Bazaar to profess Julian’s innocence, but unfortunately, Dying Light 2 is one step ahead of you. 

While you can go back to the Bazaar to speak to Julian and his accusers, it seems like you are forced to double down and say that Marco’s water was clean, making Julian appear totally guilty in front of everyone. He is then taken away and you’ll later find him hanging within the Bazaar’s walls.

Tell the truth to the people of the Bazaar

Dying Light 2 cheers side quest marco boss fight

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However, deciding to tell the people of the Bazaar the truth causes Marco to fly into a boss-fight-worthy rage, and you’ve got to beat him in a fight to the death. Marco is quite a strong fighter, so don’t underestimate him either. Once Marco is sufficiently dead, you can loot his body to get some flour – although not as much as you would from accepting his deal – and some other rewards and XP. While opting for this path doesn’t seem to be as lucrative in terms of rewards, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you have a clear conscience and didn’t let an innocent man get hanged! Cheers to that!

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