Project Ferocious is an impressive dinosaur action game being made by a solo dev

A brand new dinosaur horror shooter called Project Ferocious has been announced at the Future Games Show powered by WD_BLACK.  

Made by solo developer Leo at OMGYOG, the game’s aesthetics initially channel Death Stranding’s muted tones but quickly change to be some kind of Jurassic Park situation that’s gone even more nightmarish. 

Set on a mysterious tropical island, Project Ferocious sees you responding to a distress call from a group of investigative journalists that have gone missing. When you follow the call, you discover a completely uncharted island that a hostile force will do anything to keep its location – and inhabitants – a secret. 

You arrive equipped with a camera as you try to uncover the truth of the island and what’s happened to the journalists. But, thankfully you’re also armed with a host of weapons and the tools you’ll need to survive in this unusual location, which is handy when some of the island’s inhabitants are dinosaurs that want to rip you into tiny chunks. 

The game will see you rappelling cliffs, diverting through underwater caves, and basically doing anything you can to avoid the locals and the dinosaurs as you try to stay alive. Stealth exploration is paired with FPS gun battles set against that dramatic island backdrop, creating an experience that should thrill players who have been after a game that looks to Dino Crisis for more inspiration.  

This wasn’t the only dinosaur-themed titles to take to the stage in the latest Future Games Show though, with Project Ferocious joined by trailers from two newly announced titles – dino park sim Jurassic World Evolution 2 and horror action title Instinction. After a paucity of experiences featuring our prehistoric pals in recent times, it seems that dinosaur games, uh, find a way. You can see if there any other jurassic surprises over the next few days by checking our E3 2021 schedule.

Ahem, anyway, Project Ferocious is currently targeting a 2023 release, with platforms currently confirmed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

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