Rainbow Six Sieges Terrohunt experience is always unique

Terrohunt is back in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (opens in new tab) and Ubisoft is making sure that each game, whether in solo or co-op, is totally different. Pitting you against a group of AI terrorists, not only has the difficulty been cranked up with enemies having the same set of Siege toys as you but Ubisoft has also implemented what it’s calling a Siege Generator.

“Our terrorists can be Siege experts. They will be able to seamlessly switch from an attacking to a defending behaviour based on the situation they are facing.” explains product manager Nicolas Lefebvre. “When defending, the terrorists will be able to fortify key locations, they will able to trap the surrounding area and surveil and surprise you with their smart positioning and aggressive flanking. The tables can turn. When on the offence they will be able to repel, they will be able to disarm your traps and they will use destruction to create new paths and angles of attack. For the game, our objective in terror hunt was to develop the most challenging AI in a Rainbow Six game yet.”

This AI behaviour makes sure that each playthrough is entirely unique and Ubi wants you jumping back into the game for more. “One of our main areas of focus when developing Terrohunt was replayability,” says Lefebrve. “This is why we developed a Siege Generator. It makes variables in order to create unique operations each time.”

The game chooses one of eleven locations for the Terrohunt before selecting whether its day or night and then one of four specific game modes. “Some modes are playable as an attacker while other modes are playable as a defender,” Lefebrve explains. “From there a scenario is generated. An objective location will spawn across the map as well as specific fortification presets. Finally, AI will spawn on the map and they will react and make their strategy based on the decisions you make while you play. All in all, all of our design choices were made so that we want you to never have the same gameplay experience twice.”

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is out on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 13th but the Terrohunt beta starts on September 24th.

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