E3 2021 Schedule: Whats happening and when

We’re almost at the end of all the events featured in the E3 2021 schedule, with most of the big showcases all wrapped up now, including the official E3 Awards. There are a few more E3 2021 schedule-related events to come, including Xbox’s Extended event, and then EA Play all the way on July 22. So stay tuned.

This year E3 2021 is all-digital (for obvious reasons), so enjoy all the announcements from the comfort of home. Officially, the E3 2021 dates are June 12 – 15, although there are plenty of events falling outside of that too. The traditional E3 cycle has transformed into a full season of video game announcements, making the E3 2021 schedule more packed than ever before. 

You can watch the official E3 2021 live feed below:

For a quick recap of the biggest news from the top showcases, click the links below:

July 22


EA Play Live

(Image credit: EA)

Time: 10AM PT/1PM ET/6PM BST
Date: July 22

What to expect: Okay, so it’s not technically part of the E3 2021 schedule, but it would be rude not to include EA’s summer showcase in here. That’s right, rather than debuting in the days before E3, this year EA has gone rogue and is hosting its EA Play event on July 22. With a Battlefield 6 announcement due in June, expect to see more of that at this July event. Personally I’d love to see anything Sims related (keeping things crossed for Sims 5 even though that feels like a pipe dream), but hopefully we will see at least a little more Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect 5 among the usual sports titles. The show will be hosted by WWE’s Austin Creed.

How to watch: TBC

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