Once Upon A Time Adds Lancelot

Amid all the other new fairy tale characters that are being added to Once Upon A Time season two (Including Sleeping Beauty‘s Aurora and Mulan) comes news that a character from British mythology will be joining the cast too – Sir Lancelot.

Hmm, okay, Disney did make an animated version of The Sword In The Stone (and a lot of the Once Upon A Time characters are based squarely on the Disney versions) but Lancelot wasn’t in that. Actually, we’re a bit miffed that our great British folk tales are being treated treated like fairy tales. What next? Andromeda showing up? Thor? Sinbad? Friar Tuck? Jack The Ripper?

Still, it’s happening, so we’re stuck with it. And according to TVLine the guy playing him will be Sinqua Walls, who recently has had a recurring role as werewolf Boyd in Teen Wolf .

The character will apparently be introduced as a “sword for hire with nothing to lose,” a one-time proud member of King Arthur’s Round Table who has since been banished, tearing him away from his true love (Guinevere, presumably). Sources tell TVLine that Lancelot will appear in at least two episodes.

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