New DualSense controllers have more powerful springs and new parts that might fix stick drift

The new coloured PS5 DualSense controllers appear to have been upgraded with slightly different components inside of them compared to the previous colours. 

Thanks to a video by TronicsFix (opens in new tab), we get to see inside of all three of the new coloured DualSense controllers, where it looks as though Sony may have made some subtle changes under the hood. 

As explained in the video, the new controllers (Nova Pink, Galactic Purple, Starlight Blue) contain a slightly different spring located behind the back L and R buttons. In the older Cosmic Red controller, the spring had a 0.25mm thickness, whereas the newer controllers have springs that measure 0.3mm thick. It’s not clear whether this will make a significant difference to players, but just by looking at the springs alone, they do seem a lot more durable. 

Other differences found in the new colored controllers include a very minor change to the analog stick modules. It looks as though Sony has swapped a small black piece of plastic on the bottom for an identical-looking green piece of plastic. As explained in the video, it’s unlikely that this change makes a noticeable difference for players, but there’s also a small chance it could be linked to avoiding stick drift, although this hasn’t been proved yet.

Other than these two changes, there isn’t much else different about the new controllers. The battery, model number, and motherboard are all pretty much identical other than the fact the size of the board and location of some of its chips have been flipped onto the other side. 

Hopefully, these subtle changes aren’t exclusive to the pink, purple, and blue DualSense controllers and will also be rolled out to all new white, black, and cosmic red variations too. 

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Take a look at our DualSense PS5 controller review.

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