50 Greatest Harry Potter Scenes

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The Scene: Snape’s mastery of his classroom is epitomised by his contemptuously drawling instruction to “turn to page three hundred and ninety four.” It doesn’t look much written down, but somehow Alan Rickman manages to make it sound like a threat…

The Awesome: Rickman is perfect as Snape, and this scene sums up his sneering cruelty perfectly.

Mischief managed

The Scene: Fred and George decide that life at Hogwarts under Dolores Umbridge is no life at all, packing their bags, mounting their broomsticks and soaring off over the castle walls. Although not before raising a little hell on their way out…

The Awesome: Fred and George are the ultimate teenage rebels, and their firework-assisted getaway sees them sign off in style!

Dumbledore vs. Voldemort

The Scene: The battle between the Death Eaters and the Order comes to a head with Dumbledore and Voldemort duelling in the Ministry’s entrance hall. It’s a bit of a classic match-up…

The Awesome: The two greatest wizards of their respective generations, going head to head at last. Better still, Dumbledore comes out on top. Woo-hoo!


The Scene: Having missed the Hogwarts Express, Harry and Ron decide the best way to make their way to school is via a bewitched Ford Anglia. You will believe that a clapped-out old banger can fly!

The Awesome: Yes it’s a bit daft, but there’s something profoundly magical about seeing an item from the muggle world thrust so unceremoniously into the magical one. Watch out for that Whomping Willow, boys…

Hermione and Draco

The Scene: Having spotted Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle sniggering at Hagrid’s distress over his condemned Hippogriff, Hermione can endure no more, promptly punching Draco square in the face. Pow!

The Awesome: Malfoy has spent the better part of three films asking for that punch. The fact that Hermione should be the one to deliver it makes it that much more satisfying.

Charity Burbage

The Scene: Voldemort’s cruelty is ruthlessly demonstrated by his torture and eventual murder of Hogwarts teacher Charity Burbage at Malfoy Manor. As if to make things worse, her former colleague Snape watches on impassively…

The Awesome: It’s a very frightening way to kick off Deathly Hallows , and that look from Snape takes on a whole new meaning in retrospect…

Giant chess

The Scene: As Harry seeks to retrieve the Philosopher’s Stone, he, Ron and Hermione are confronted by a giant chess set that must be defeated. The stage is thus set for Ron to show off his skills, as he sets about sweeping the obstacle aside.

The Awesome: Ron doesn’t get to play the hero too often, so it’s nice to see him given the chance to shine.

The Yule Ball

The Scene: Hermione arrives for the Yule Ball in a stunning pink dress, leaving Harry and Ron gobsmacked by her glamorous makeover. To make things worse for Ron, international Quidditch star Viktor Krum is on hand to share the first dance…

The Awesome: Amid all the wand-waving and spell-casting, it can be easy to forget that our heroes are still teenagers, with all the hormonal angst that goes with it. This scene taps into that side of things nicely!


The Scene: Harry and Malfoy’s long-standing enmity finally boils over in a Hogwarts bathroom, with Harry using the Half-Blood Prince’s Sectumsempra spell to leave Draco a bloody mess.

The Awesome:
This is the point at which things start to get really serious, as Draco’s villainy goes beyond snide taunts and into the service of the Dark Lord. This is also the first time that Harry uses his wand to cause some serious damage…


The Scene: Harry takes part in his first Quidditch match, proving his credentials as a seeker to be reckoned with by catching the golden snitch in his mouth. You won’t find that one in any rule-book…

The Awesome: Quidditch is one of the most magical elements of Rowling’s world, and the first time Harry mounts his broom and heads out onto the pitch is nothing short of exhilarating.

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