Fortnite X Mayhem is a Borderlands 3 crossover that brings Claptrap to battle royale

Fortnite X Mayhem is the latest crossover event to hit the island as part of Fortnite season 10 (opens in new tab) this week, and it’s all things Borderlands 3 (opens in new tab) shaped. Check out the trailer below for a better look. 

Gearbox’s upcoming looter shooter isn’t out till September 13, but that hasn’t stopped the series’ famous Psycho character from entering the Fortnite map (opens in new tab) as a playable character, with everyone’s least favourite robot Claptrap as one of the game’s pet backpacks, no less. 

As part of the event, detailed on the Gearbox blog (opens in new tab), Fortnite’s Rift Zone is now revamped in the style of Borderlands’ Pandora setting, complete with the franchises’ famous cel-shaded aesthetic, loot boxes, and a number of themed challenges to help you level up that Season 10 battle pass. 

Fortnite players can also purchase the Psycho Bundle cosmetic pack from the in-game store, which a Psycho Bandit Outfit, Claptrap Pet, and the Psycho Buzz Axes. As usual, these cosmetics provide no in-game advantage, but merely let your flaunt your Borderlands fandom while Claptrap waxes lyrical from behind. 

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Borderlands 3 is exactly what I want from a Borderlands sequel, and by that I mean it’s barely changed a bit (opens in new tab)

Borderlands 3 is releasing on the Epic Games Store on PC next month, so it’s no surprise that Gearbox and Epic have teamed up for a promotional crossover in anticipation of its upcoming launch. 

Better yet, if you pre-order Borderlands 3 from the online Store (opens in new tab), you’ll get the Psycho Bundle for free, so long as you’re using the same Epic Games account for both purchases. 

This deal lasts all the way up until September 2020, so you’ve got some time to make use of it, while anyone who’s already pre-order Borderlands 3 from the Epic Store will find the Psycho Bundle in their Fornite (opens in new tab) locker already. Happy hunting!

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