New design chief will launch Xbox 360 successor in 2013, says source

A new team leader has been appointed by Microsoft to oversee the “design and experience” of the Xbox brand, working toward a 2013 launch for the line’s next console, says CNET. The site’s sources say previous rumors of a 2013 launch for the machine, informally referred to as the Xbox 720 or Xbox Next, were solid; and that the woman now overseeing the console’s look and feel was previously involved in developing the Xbox 360’s latest interface overhaul.

Above: Xbox D%26E head Don Coyner, left, and reported replacement Emma Williams, right. Hopefully you didn’t actually need pointing out which is which

Microsoft isn’t commenting on CNET’s story, which has longtime brand overseer Don Coyner making way for new design/interface team head Emma Williams. Williams’ most recent work was as team leader on the new Xbox 360 interface, which debuted this month. If Williams is indeed the new design and experience head for Xbox, she’ll be responsible for overseeing development on the feel and interface for the next console – which, as reported here and elsewhere, is said to be due for launch in 2013. Remember that none of this have been confirmed by the parties concerned – but also that this isn’t the first reputable source to put the new machine’s debut within the next two years.

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