Crush3Ds story trailer will mess with your head

Danny has a problem. Not only does he make bad life decisions by letting mad scientists screw around with his brain, but he’s also stuck in an imaginary world populated by his worst fears, insecurities, and mind-bending levels which must be “crushed” in order to be completed. At least, this is what we can gather from Sega’s new story trailer for Zoe Mode’s upcoming Crush3D for 3DS.

To recap: a meek, brown-haired kid is recruited by ‘The Doc’ to undertake a risky experiment with wacky consequences. Sounds like Zoe Mode is a fan of Back to the Future, at least when it comes to the game’s set-up.

Much like the PSP version, players will guide Danny through the innermost reaches of his imagination, which will be broken down into zones representing different aspects of his troubled psyche. Each level will require players to switch (aka “crush”) between 3D and 2D perspectives in order to tinker with the level’s physics and layout and clear a path to the exit. If that all sounds a little too heady, players can take comfort in knowing Zoe Mode has included a comprehensive tutorial and hint system to ensure no 3DS systems aren’t smashed to bits out of frustration.

Crush3D was pushed back from its September 2011 release date earlier this year due to slow 3DS sales, but has now been given a new arrival time of January 10 in North America, and January 13 in the UK.

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