The new Ni No Kuni game is “absolutely unplayable” due to hordes of bots

Ni No Kuni fans have described the series’ latest addition as “absolutely unplayable” due to its hordes of bots. 

Thanks in no small part to its gorgeous graphical style and charming cast of characters, Ni No Kuni is a series that’s beloved by many RPG fans. While its newest entry, Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, may look much the same as the delightful Ni No Kuni 2 on the surface, the integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is reportedly causing issues for players.

As reported by The Gamer (opens in new tab), Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds’ controversial new in-game economy has not only put some fans off the game entirely but it’s seemingly led to long wait times for those that still want to play. In a tweet, HDKirin wrote, “Apparently because of the crypto/NFT stuff, bots have infested it leading to long queues for servers.” 

According to the Twitter user, the game’s developer Netmarble offers a payment option in the form of a “Daily Adventurer’s Pass” that lets players skip to the front of the log-in queue. HDKirin adds that the pass is available for $7.99. While it offers players a way to quickly get into the game, it effectively makes this free-to-play title not so free anymore. 

So I’m reading up on what’s been going on with that Ni no Kuni MMO. Apparently because of the crypto/NFT stuff, bots have infested it leading to long queues for servers.Netmarble’s solution? Offer people a Daily Adventurer’s Pass for $7.99 to bypass the queue to login.L m a oJune 17, 2022

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It might seem like Netmarble implemented the pass to tackle to the bot problem, but apparently this isn’t the case. Instead, it’s a monthly payment subscription option that ResetEra user Toma (opens in new tab) says has been in the game since launch. But the user still has no love for Netmarble’s decisions. “The game deserves getting trashed on, mostly because of its Crypto implementation and rather scummy monetization practices,” writes Toma.

Fans have been venting their frustration in a similar fashion on the Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds subreddit (opens in new tab). “The current state of the game is absolutely unplayable. Don’t even bother installing it until the issues are addressed,” says Fun-Adagio-2275 (opens in new tab). Duke-of-Babble revealed how dire the waiting situation is with a screenshot showing them at 4,410 in the queue.

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