Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Village Quests Guide

Completing one level of Village Quests in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (opens in new tab) unlocks the next level, giving you access to new monsters to hunt and items to collect. If you decide to do quests out of order, it can be hard to remember which are plot quests and which aren’t. Keep in mind that you will have to complete Expeditions and talk to NPCs that trigger cutscenes on occasion to unlock these plot quests from the Guildmarm.

Beating the singleplayer campaign will give you access to special items such as Wystones that power up your weapon against Frenzied monsters, and cheap items from the Wyceum shop. When playing multiplayer, you can tell who didn’t play the singleplayer before jumping online, because those players will not have Wystones when you peek at their equipment using the touch screen. Shame on them! You’re better than that. That’s why you’re here.

Village Rank 1-2

Steak Your Ground
A Winning Combination
Urgent Quest – (Go on an Expedition)

Village Rank 2-3

Chip Off the Old Blockade
The Stinking Seltas
Urgent Quest – Swing into Action

Village Rank 3-4

Boulder Bash
Shipshape Skin
Road Work
Urgent Quest – Nerscylla Thrilla

Village Rank 4-5

Pink Stink
Najarala Hunt
Gore Magala Drama
An Ice Surprise
Urgent Quest – Tipping the Scales

Village Rank 5-6

Major Miner Problem
Zinogre Zone
The Royal Guard
King of the Skies
Urgent Quest – Research: Yian Garuga

Village Rank 6-7

Advanced: Odd Ape Out
Advanced: Tigrex Terror
Two Live Crew
Advanced: Order of Magnitude
Advanced: Hell Hunters
Urgent Quest – Advanced: Heaven’s Wheel

Village Rank 7-8

Urgent – Skiff Scuttler
Hot Air Buffoon
Facility Facilitation
Hunt-a-thon: Nersylla
Urgent Quest – Skiff Competition

Village Rank 8-9

Hide and Freak
Take a Powderstone
In the Pink
Lady Killer
Nocturnal Commission
Urgent Quest – Dance of a Thousand Blades

Village Rank 9-10

Black Rock Down
An Omen in the Skies
The Echoing Roar
Forge Ahead
Advanced: Glacier’s Bane
Advanced: Tyrants Maw
Urgent Quest – Death of a Thousand Cuts
Urgent Quest – (Talk to Caravaneer to Hunt 1 Rusted Kushala Daora)

Village Rank 10

Egg-straction: The Reckoning
Urgent Quest – Advanced: Red Dragon’s Dawn

The Challenge Continues

Beating all the quests will unlock more monsters to fight in the singleplayer, but this is technically the end of the campaign. Congratulations! Go show off your Wystone online, and now that you’re geared from singleplayer, check out our Hunter Rank Guide to quickly climb the ladder to G Rank. We’d say good luck, but you probably don’t need it at this point. See you in the Gathering Hall!

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