Mass Effect anime teased at SXSW

Funimation was on hand during the film portion of SXSW’s yearly festival to show off early sketches and character art from its upcoming anime feature, Mass Effect: Paragon Lost. Dailymotion caught up with Funimation’s Justin Rojas to discuss the film’s plot and style, and why fans won’t be following Commander Shepard on this particular mission.

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As detailed, Mass Effect: Paragon Lost will delve into the backstory of one James Vega, a Systems Alliance soldier and one of the available squadmates in Mass Effect 3. Traditionally, Funimation has been responsible for licensing overseas anime for western distribution, but Rojas explained that this time around the company has been involved with the film’s development from the very beginning, saying, “We’re actually involved in the creation process on this, so it’s really cool because we’re doing the scriptwriting, and we’re working with the animation studio to do the character designs and getting that all really fleshed out.”

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is anticipated to arrive sometime this fall. Meanwhile, Rojas confirmed that its other video game pet project, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, will be ready for a May 29 debut.

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