League of Legends prepaid cards earn Riot Points with purchases

Are you a League of Legends fan? Do you want to keep better track of your spending but still buy all those seasonal Blitzcrank skins? American Express and Riot Games may have a deal for you, the New York Times reports.

The two companies are partnering for a line of prepaid debit cards illustrated with characters and scenes from League of Legends. More than showing your loyalty to Teemo at the register, using the card earns Riot Points for a linked game account.

Cardholders get 1,000 points, or around $7.50 worth, when they sign up for the card, another 1,000 for loading the card with its first $20, and even 10,000 points for linking it with a direct deposit account.

(We do not recommend you eschew a bank account entirely in favor of a prepaid debit card, no matter how many champs you can unlock with it. Especially if you need to shop somewhere that doesn’t take American Express.)

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