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League of Legends K-POP band gets its own custom Ducati

K/DA, League of Legends’ K-Pop band, just got its own Ducati motorcycle. The virtual group’s latest video was released earlier today, and featured in-game character Akali showing off on her new bike, which Ducati then featured on its own Twitter feed. We’re happy to present a very unique Ducati Panigale …

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The best mummies in video games

I want my mummy Zombies think theyre so hip these days, starring in popular TV shows and award-winning games. But mummies are so much more interesting when you think about it. They combine the terror of the lurching undead with magic! Think a walking corpse is scary? Imagine if that …

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RadarPlays – League of Legends (Patch 3.6)

So here’s the thing. Ryan, Brian, and Tom have recently developed an unhealthy obsession with League of Legends, so for this week’s shuffle, we decided to hop in. Why? Because of the new patch, 3.6, which introduced the new Howling Abyss All Random All Mid (ARAM) map and a brand …

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